Thermodynamics in Action

Thermodynamics in Action

Team research topics:

1. Thermodynamics of condensed phases:

Experimental studies of thermodynamic and physicochemical properties of compressed liquids in a wide range of temperature and pressure variations, with particular emphasis on the so-called working fluids (e.g., fuels, biofuels, hydraulic media, lubricants, etc.) using ultrasonic techniques (ultrasonic wave propagation speed) and calorimetric techniques (scanning transitiometry)

Thermodynamic modeling of physicochemical properties of fluids using SAFT family equations of state, FT-EoS fluctuation theory, group participation methods, and COSMO-RS

Computer modeling of pressurized liquid systems using Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Monte Carlo (MC) simulation techniques

2. Storage of thermal, mechanical, and electrical energy:

Experimental and theoretical development of an optimal and effective reversible cycle of liquid intrusion-extrusion in meso and nanoporous hydrophobic materials, otherwise known as molecular springs or “nanobumpers,” which are a potential system for accumulating thermal, mechanical, and electrical energy

Searching for new effective porous hydrophobic materials that are components of “molecular springs” and “nanobumpers”

3. Reaction Kinetics of Polymerization:

Experimental studies of the kinetics of the polymerization reaction under pressure (scanning transitiometry)

Thermodynamic modeling of the reaction kinetics under pressure

4. Interfacial phenomena:

Experimental studies of the surface properties of various materials, the wettability of selected solids, determination of the surface tension of solids and their components resulting from various types of intermolecular interactions

Investigation of surface and thermodynamic properties of mixtures containing surfactants and biosurfactants